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Henry Reese Jr. House

Henry Reese, Jr., born in Hallettsville, Texas, February 2, 1863, was the son of Henry and Frances Emmernecker Reese. His father came from Germany in 1852 and located in Gonzales. In 1883 Henry, Jr. purchased one-half interest in The Gonzales Inquirer from owner Carey Pilgrim and became a junior partner. In 1886 he bought Pilgrim's interest in the paper and became sole owner. In 1887 Henry sold one-half interest to D.L.Beach, the younger brother of former Inquirer owner Dr. L.L. Beach. In 1898 The Gonzales Inquirer became a daily, rather than a weekly, publication. Reese and Beach were partners for nineteen years until Beach died in 1906. Beach's interest was purchased by Emmet Smith. On June 20, 1906, Henry married Otelia Elizabeth Scheske and they had three children. Otelia, born June 3, 1883, was the daughter of Amiel Edward and Jessie Smead Scheske of Gonzales. Amiel was born in Posen, Germany, and came to America in 1855. Shortly after his marriage, Henry purchased the lots for his home from his father-in-law and completed construction that same year. Henry bought Smith's interest in The Gonzales Inquirer in 1910 and continued as sole owner until his death in 1923, thus ending a brilliant forty year career. Otelia assumed management of the paper until 1926 when their son Henry Reese, III joined the business.
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