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C.J. Pilgrim House

Carey Judson Pilgrim was born January, 1853, the son of Thomas J. and Sarah Jane Pilgrim. Thomas was president of the board of trustees of the Gonzales College and began the first Sunday School in Texas. Sarah was the daughter of Major Valentine Bennet, one of the "Old Eighteen." In 1878 Carey purchased one-half interest in the Gonzales Inquirer from Dr. L. L. Beach. He trained for his newspaper career in Austin. When Dr. Beach retired in 1881, Carey became sole owner of the paper. On December 6, 1882, he married Mary Fleda Boothe. Mary was born November 12, 1862, the daughter of George Jefferson and Mary Ann Jones Boothe of North Carolina. Carey built this Greek Revival home in 1883 for his bride. It is a one-story residence with a long hall running through the house, flanked by two rooms on either side. The rooms have double fireplaces with wooden mantels except the one in the living room, which has a carved white marble mantel. Walnut cornices hang over the windows on the south wall and the floors are wide pine boards. Carey and Mary had one daughter, Carey Boothe Pilgrim.
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